1916 Shark Attack Anniversary


This historical and heroic event has its centennial anniversary this year to be commemorated during the week of July 9 through July 17, 2016. The fateful 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks sent a shockwave throughout the world and reconfigured the sentiments of mankind’s fear of the open water. However, the event also conveyed the heroism of those who placed themselves in harm’s way to perform selfless acts of compassion for others.

In commemoration of this anniversary, the Matawan Historical Society, in conjunction with the Borough of Matawan and the Chamber of Commerce, is hosting a nine-day event to include a variety of activities to educate and invoke a retrospect of life in 1916.

Latest Event Details

For the lastest event details, including dates, times, and trolley tickets, please visit the Matawan Historical Society website at http://matawanhistoricalsociety.org/shark-attack-anniversary/.

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Monument Support

The Matawan Historical Society is erecting a monument for the two fatal victims of the 1916 Matawan Shark Attack, Lester Stillwell and Stanley Fisher, on Sunday, July 17, 2016, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of this tragic event. The ceremony will be at 2:00 P.M. at Memorial Park. All are welcome.

We are currently accepting donations for this monument. All donations are gratefully accepted. A special granite recognition stone will be erected listing the names of all who donate $500 or more. If you are interested please contact us at MatawanHistorical@gmail.com.