Paranormal Investigations

Burrowes Mansion Museum is available for private paranormal investigations on select evenings from March through October. Matawan Historical Society (MHS) volunteers will be available to answer questions about the Mansion’s history, but will not be offering training, guidance, or equipment for the investigation. It is the responsibility of the investigating group to provide their own equipment and procedure. Your group will have exclusive access to the Mansion for the evening of your investigation.

Paranormal investigations are available for groups of up to six members*. No investigators under the age of 16 will be allowed. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for full details.

Groups wishing to rent the Mansion for a paranormal investigation are required to make a reservation in advance via email to A 25% deposit will be required to hold your reservation; payment of the balance is due the day of the investigation. Requests for investigations may be made up to two months in advance of the requested date.

We are not accepting requests for private investigations at this time.

The roof is under construction and we are unable to allow investigations for safety reasons. Please watch this page for updates. Once construction is completed, we will remove this notice.

Time Allowed
Investigations will be limited to 4 hours. Your group may choose 8pm-12am or 9pm-1am.

Groups with up to 4 members: $240.
Groups with 5 members: $300.
Groups with 6 members: $360.

*If you have more than six members in your group, please let us know at the time of the reservation request. We may be able to accommodate you (for an additional fee).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book an investigation if I am not a member of a paranormal group?
Any group requesting to do an investigation must be part of a working paranormal group. The group must have its own, not-free-hosted website (and the email address must be from their website name, not a free email service like gmail, aol, yahoo, etc. Our goal is to make the Mansion available to serious paranormal research groups. We host a yearly public ghost hunting event in October that is open to all members of the public to accommodate those who are not part of a paranormal group but still wish to experience an investigation at the Mansion.

Can I get a refund if I need to cancel our investigation?
We will refund the entirety of your 25% deposit if the cancellation is made more than two weeks prior to the investigation date. Any cancellations made after that time, including no-shows, will not receive a refund of their deposit.

If you pay the entire cost of your investigation is made in advance, you will receive 100% of your payment if the cancellation is made more than two weeks prior to the investigation date. Any cancellations made after that time, including no-shows, will receive a 75% refund of the full payment.

Can I book an investigation more than two months in advance?
Paranormal investigations can be booked only up to two months in advance. Reservations are first come, first served.

What equipment can we bring?
You may bring cameras, video cameras, digital recorders, and anything else your group uses during paranormal investigations. There is electricity available for your group’s use. Your group is responsible for bringing your own equipment and removing it at the end of the investigation. The Burrowes Mansion Museum and the Matawan Historical Society are not responsible for lost or broken equipment.

What are we not allowed to bring?
Alcohol and weapons are not permitted. Smoking is not permitted in the Mansion or anywhere on the Mansion grounds. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the immediate termination of the investigation, with no refund.

What areas of the Mansion will our group have access to?
Your group will be permitted access to all of the public tour areas of the Mansion as well as the attic, which is normally closed to the public. You will also have access to the rear parlor, kitchen, and restroom located in the back of the Mansion. You may also investigate in the back yard while keeping in mind that you are in a residential area. Other areas, including the basement, will not be accessible for safety reasons. Please note that some areas may be closed for repairs, although we will do our best to alert you to the closings in advance, when possible.

What is the minimum age requirement to participate in an investigation?
No investigators under the age of 16 allowed. Minors under the age of 18 must have a release signed by their parent or legal guardian and must be accompanied by said parent or legal guardian, who will be counted as another member of the group.

Will I have to sign a waiver?
Everyone attending a paranormal investigation will be required to sign a waiver.

Can we record our investigation and air it on YouTube (or similar outlet)?
No. You may only publish small snippets – not to exceed 30 seconds in length – of paranormal video or audio evidence. Longer recordings require a media release and an additional fee or fees will be charged.

Is any additional insurance required?
Paranormal groups are not required to provide their own insurance.

When should we arrive?
We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. MHS volunteers will meet you at the back door of the Mansion, where you can unload your equipment. All set-up and break-down must occur within your four-hour investigation.

Where should we park?
You may park on the lawn behind the Mansion or on the street in front of the Mansion.

Where should we set up?
We recommend setting up your Control Center in the kitchen, which is easily accessible via the back door and is separated from the historic part of the Mansion.

Are there any special restrictions at the Mansion?
The Burrowes Mansion Museum is a National Historic Landmark and active museum. We expect all participants to respect the building and its contents. You may not sit on any furniture outside of the kitchen and back parlor areas. Use extreme care if you place equipment on any of the furniture; some of it is very old and highly susceptible to damage. You are not to use nails, thumbtacks, or tape to secure your equipment. Do not move furniture or other room contents without the permission of the MHS volunteers.

Is the Burrowes Mansion haunted?
Numerous individuals and groups who have visited the Mansion believe it to be haunted. There have been many instances of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), disembodied voices, movement of objects, and shadow figures reportedly witnessed at Burrowes Mansion. Our reputation as a genuinely haunted structure has made us a popular investigation location for paranormal groups both near and far. But we welcome your group to decide for yourselves.

Will our group find evidence of the paranormal during our investigation?
We cannot control whether your group will experience paranormal activity during your investigation. Some groups leave with many experiences and find EVPs later on their recorders, others do not. We do ask that you treat the possible entities who reside here with respect.